In Step 2 you prepared your class so that you will be able to teach it using a variety of different delivery modes. In Step 3, you will prepare to use Webcampus (Blackboard) to deliver your class. All instructors should be able to use Webcampus (Blackboard) to continue instruction if an emergency closes the campus. It will be your delivery method of choice, unless it is unavailable.

3.1 Overview

The reasons for putting Webcampus first are:
  • Webcampus is designed specifically for course delivery. It includes areas to post your syllabus, contact information and announcements, a place to store course content in an organized way, capability to hold online discussions, online exams or quizzes, and much more.
  • Webcampus class shells are created automatically for every active course.
  • As long as the course instructor is properly listed with the class in Datatel, and has a valid FDU Webmail account, he or she will have access to the class.
  • All students who are properly enrolled in your course in Datatel, and who have FDU Webmail accounts, will automatically be enrolled in your Webcampus course.
    • If you or any of your students do not have FDU Webmail accounts, please check Step 1.2 for further instructions.
    • If you are not listed as the course instructor in Datatel, contact your Department Chair or School Director to make that change.
    • If your student is not properly enrolled in the class, he or she should check with Enrollment Services.
    • After completing these steps, it may take up to 36 hours to gain access to Webcampus.

3.2: Learning to Use Webcampus

If you don't already use the Blackboard software, you will need some time to learn. The Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology has many options for instructors who need to learn to use Webcampus. Please choose the one that works best for you or review them all.
  • For live training with an instructor, visit the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology website ( click on “Faculty Resources” and then “Workshops” and sign up for Webcampus sessions.
  • A Webcampus manual is available in printable format. Click on the following link: Webcampus Manual (PDF printable format).
  • CTLT has prepared a series of video tutorials introducing instructors to basic tasks in Webcampus. More tutorials will be added in time. Please make sure your computer volume is on and not muted.

These video tutorials are streamed so you will need to have an updated version of Real Player in order to view them. You can get the free player by visiting the Real webpage at Click on Free Download.

If you already have RealPlayer installed on your computer and need an updated version, click on the following menus: Start > Programs > Real > Real Player > Check for Real Player update).

3.3: Webcampus Steps To Take Before An Emergency

  • Put an announcement in your Webcampus class welcoming your students to your class.
  • In your announcement, tell your students how you plan to use Webcampus. If you only plan to use this resource during an emergency, make sure to note that.
    • In Step 2, you revised your course syllabus and included a statement concerning your emergency plans for your course. You should upload your revised syllabus into Webcampus at your earliest convenience.
  • In Step 2, you created electronic copies of much of your course content. Upload as much as you can now. In addition to helping you prepare for an emergency, having the content centrally available will serve as a significant convenience for you and your students.
  • Consider having your students do one or two activities for your class online (e.g., an online discussion). This will help you get used to this delivery method, which will be very helpful during an emergency.
  • If you give exams, consider posting practice quizzes or exams in Webcampus. This will give you practice using online exams and quizzes, and it will also be helpful to your students.
  • If you assign papers or other written work in your class, consider posting an assignment link in Webcampus for one or more of your assignments. This will provide you and your students with important practice in the use of this tool, and will also serve as a convenience to your students.

Step 4 - Other Course Delivery Methods

Now that you have seen how a course can be set up in Webcampus, you may have some ideas about how to use other technologies to deliver your class. Proceed now to Step 4 - Other Course Delivery Methods for some ideas.