There are many resources available to you and your students to help you with technology-related issues. These help resources are available at all times, and many will still be available during emergencies.

5.1: Help For Students

Help resources are critical for your success and your students’ success, whether there is an emergency or not. You need to tell your students about academic and technical help resources now. Your students also need to know how to contact you if they have any questions about your class.

Please complete the following steps now:

  • Tell your students to visit the Student Centered Online Resource for Education (SCORE) at SCORE provides technical information for all FDU systems. Students should be familiar with this resource.
  • Post a link to SCORE in your Webcampus shell.
  • Tell your students that they must contact the FDU Technical Assistance Center (UTAC) with any technical problems.
  • Post the UTAC contact information in your Webcampus shell. Create a permanent announcement, or include this information in your Course Information area. See Step 3 for of this Guide for instructions.
    • UTAC can be reached at 973-443-8822 (8822 from Florham, #8822 from Metro;)
    • To obtain service from UTAC you will need your University ID
    • UTAC is located in Virginia. Therefore it is possible that it will remain open if the University is closed.
  • Tell students how to contact you if they are having academic problems you’re your class - via e-mail, phone, or by posting questions on a Webcampus discussion board. Also tell them how long they should expect to wait for an answer from you, and make sure you honor that time frame.
  • Encourage students to contact each other. Create a class contact list as described in Step 1 of this Guide.

5.2: Help For Faculty

You have access to all of the same help resources as your students, as listed on the previous page. In addition, some additional help resources are available for FDU faculty. For example, this Guide may assist you in the time of an emergency. The Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology’s website at contains many resources for instructors. Select “Faculty Resources” from the left-hand navigation for instructional help resources in both video tutorials and printable formats (PDF). You should also feel comfortable contacting your fellow colleagues, and even your students for help.
Please complete the following steps now:
  • Print out a copy of this Guide.
  • Keep a copy with your course materials in your office, and another copy with your course materials at home.

Step 6 - When an Emergency Occurs

Proceed to Step 6 - When an Emergency Occurs to find out what steps to take in the event of an emergency.