Chairs, Directors, and Deans have special responsibilities to prepare for emergencies and to ensure the activation of Continuation of Instruction Plans if the campus should close.

To assist in planning efforts:
  • Deans, Chairs, and Directors should be familiar with this Guide in order to understand what is expected of their faculty members.
  • Chairs and Directors should encourage all faculty members to develop Continuation of Instruction Plans for all classes. They are aware of any classes that will be at risk if the university must suddenly close for an extended period of time.
  • Chairs and Directors are aware that faculty are expected to provide complete copies of their Continuation of Instruction Plans to them, in both paper and electronic form.

During an emergency:
You need to make sure that your instructors are activating their Continuation of Instruction Plans. You also need to provide alternatives in case an instructor has been affected by the emergency and cannot continue to teach.
  • Deans should call all Chairs and Directors to ensure that they are able to reach their instructors.
  • Chairs and Directors should call all instructors and ensure that they can continue to teach.
  • If an instructor is unavailable or known to be affected by the emergency, the Chair or Director should first determine if another instructor can be enlisted to teach the class from a distance.
    • Chairs and Directors should have enough information about the class continuation plan for a replacement instructor to be able to run the class for at least two weeks, and ideally for the remainder of the semester.
    • If a replacement instructor is available, that instructor should be provided with all available course materials and student contact lists.
    • The replacement instructor should follow all steps required of instructors, as if the class was his or her own.
    • If no suitable replacement instructor is available, the students must be contacted to inform them that their class instruction will cease for the duration of the emergency. They should also be told about any provisions that will be made for completing the class, or for tuition reimbursement.
  • Tuition reimbursements will be a substantial hardship for the University and all possible steps should be taken to avoid their necessity.